Difference between Therapeutic and Hobbyist Massage Chair

Massage chairs have different types based on usage. There is basic classification of Professional and Consumer massage chairs. Both have further types, Here we will discuss consumer types only. Consumer Massage chairs can be divided into two types Hobbyist and Therapeutic.

Therapeutic chairs are mostly focused on chronic pain ease. And hobbyist massage chair provide more convenient features according to taste and preference of user.

Features of Therapeutic Massage Chair

  • Calf and Foot massage : This include the standard air Massage for calves and dual rollers for soles of feet. There are some chairs with more features in this department like heated calf massage and Control of massage intensive.
  • Heat: Most of the chairs available in market have this feature . Heat function is mostly in lumbar area. While some chairs have heating function on other areas as well.
  • 3D Tissue Massage : Some massage chair has this function listed as deep tissue massage or 3D /4D massage Technology. This stimulates the deeper massage with instant pain relief.
  • Body stretch: This is powerful and immediately effective feature of best massage chairs that provides immediate pain relief and relaxation to whole body
  • Spot modes: This feature allow user to customize the any massage program and focus rollers on area where it hurt the most.

Features of Hobbyist Massage chair

  • Entertainment system: These massage chair have features like Bluetooth speaker, USB support and SD card support.
  • Space saving: These chairs are space saving and require less space then a Therapeutic chair.
  • Air Ionization: This is Technology to help you relax by blowing cool air on your face during massage.
  • Chromotherapy: This is another slight Technology to help you relax by running little LED lights when you dim the light in your room

With all mentioned above features hobbyist chairs have those standard massage modes.

Therapeutic vs Hobbyist Massage Chair

Both have their own pros and cons. Hobbyist chairs are more general relaxing chairs with massage modes enough for relieving the Minor muscle tension and body stretch . And lowering the personal stress level. It’s more like a relaxing chair than a proper massage chair.

On the other hand, Therapeutic massage chairs are proper massage chairs to give relief from chronic pains . But these chairs are always has one focused area like Therapeutic chair for back pain will focus the area more than whole body. You can always choose according your needs.

Mentioned above are two basic types of massage chairs. Other massage chairs available are further classification of these many types like full body, heat, zero gravity massage chairs and more. Always choose one to cater your problem area because you are getting a massage chair for a massage obviously. You can opt for a hobbyist chair if you have extra budget just as relaxing chair where you can sit frequently and read some news and whatever you want to. So choose wisely and try to get a professional massage as well .