Hacks to Tackle your Picky Eating Toddler or Baby

If your toddler is a picky eater, it might be quite frustrating for you. Instead of taking it as a frustration why not just take it as an opportunity for teaching your little one to try new things prior to he becomes more assertive and rejects new food. Handling a picky eater involves offering him a variety of healthy foods time and again. Below are some tips for bringing in new foods to your toddler’s diet:

  • Give your child three regular meals and two snacks a day. Picky eaters usually eat in small quantities throughout the day. Following a proper three meals and two snacks routine would reduce the chances of excessive snacking.
  • Offer age appropriate healthy foods to your child at each meal without making too much fuss.
  • New foods must be introduced in small amounts and one at a time. Giving a new food along with some toddler’s favorite food might be appealing for him.
  • One toddler’s serving is a quarter of an adult’s single portion. Use toddler sized servings so that the child easily finishes the food and is hungry when the next meal is due.
  • Experiment with textures, taste, and color of the food so that you understand your child’s preferences and likes and dislikes.  Though this might seem quite difficult but if you have a food processor it would be quite easy for you to prepare different types of food for your child. There are various types of best food processors available in the market ranging from basic handheld blenders to the all-in-one streaming, blending, chopping, and warming machines. However, if you don’t want to invest in a food processor, you could use blender to experiment with the texture of food.  These devices could allow you to experiment with the texture of food as you could blend or chop food at different degrees.
  • Search for different options to enhance the nutritional value of your child’s meal. For instance you could add pieces of fruit to the cereal, or vegetables puree to pasta sauce, etc.
  • In order to enhance the child’s interest in food during meals, it is necessary that distractions are minimized. Meal times must be quiet and relaxed.
  • You can offer nibble trays to toddlers that have different bite sized servings of nutritious and colorful food. Put these trays within the reach of your child and he or she may nibble a little from the tray during moving around the house.
  • Try experimenting with different ways of serving the food for instance kids love dipping food so you could try making a healthy and tasty dip or you could teach your child to spread using a table knife. You can even make nutritious toppings or make smoothies if your little one likes drinking more than eating. Do it the way your child wants while hiding nutrition in between!