How to get a perfect blender for Shakes and Juices

A good blender is very important for a delicious glass of juice. Whether you are making a chilled glass of lemonade or a smoothie, you need to have the right blender. Still the best kitchen appliance for crushing an ice is blender. To buy a blender that last longer and will be able grind the ice, you must consider the following specifications before you buy a blinder.

Most important factor for the blender is its power that should be at least 600 watts. If it is less than that than it would take a lot of time to grind the ice and its blades can be damage over a very short period. More powerful the blender, less time consuming it will be and blades will last longer. As grinding, the ice requires a lot of torque, so power of motor is very important as well as the design of the blades. The blades should be durable and must absorb the impact between the ice.

Even though high power blender is perfect for ice grinding but they are quite expensive. However, these high-end blenders will last longer than the cheap ones, and will help you to make your desired smoother or lemonade within seconds. Usually the high-end blenders come with a warranty of about six to seven years and they tend to last a bit longer than the low-end blenders. In my opinion, it is better to save money and buy a good quality long lasting blender.

The pitcher that comes with the blender is also very important to discuss. The pitcher usually comes in three main sizes: small, medium and large. You must select the size of the jar accordingly to the number of the family members. Small once are mostly of thirty two ounces, medium once are of forty eight ounces and the large ones are of sixty ounces.

You need to find the blenders that are easy to use, with a push of a single button all the process is done, for example having a labeled and timed ice crushing button, it will allow you to just press it leave. It will automatically stops when it had done grinding. A blender must be easy to clean. Disassembling should be easily so that every corner of it can be clean. Cleaning a push button is difficult, so it is better to buy the one with digital pads, touch dials or switch controls, as they are easy to clean. Doing a proper cleaning will increase the life of a blender.

One more consideration that is very important is the stability of the blender; it should have a heavy base and a tight lid. It is important because a blender works on high speed, which produces waves causing it to vibrate. The vibration may cause blender to leave its position if the base is not heavy. A lid wills avoid the spilling of mixture all over the place.

Since there is, so much variety in blenders that you can find them in many designs and colors. Select the design and color one that suits you. Buy the perfect blender and make the delicious juices.